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Gallery - Wild Grapevine Crafts

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Making of Wild Grape Vine Handbag

1. ぶどう蔓の採取 Picking Wild Grape Vines

雪深い東北の山奥で、厳しい自然環境に適応してゆっくりと成長する山ぶどう。蔓の皮は非常に強靭で、蔓細工のかごは、昔から山仕事の道具入れとして、鉈などの鋭利な刃を持った道具の運搬に使われて来ました。ぶどうの蔓は、写真のように木に絡まるので、木の生長を阻害します。この蔓を取り除く事は木の生長にはプラスになるので、地主からは喜ばれます。蔓の採取には昔から伝わる専門的な知識・技能が必要で、作者は村の老師から、蔓の取り方を教えてもらいました。採取した蔓は、皮を剥ぎ、その皮を、カビが生えないように、良く乾燥させて 保存します。

Wild grape vines grow in deep mountain forests in snowy northern part of Japan. Skin of wild grape vine is so strong that village people have been using vine crafts to carry their keen-edged mountain tools such as chopper. Since grape vines hamper the growth of trees, removing the vines from the trees is often welcomed by mountain owners. Picking wild grape vine needs traditional expertise and the crafter learned it from an old master. Skin of vine is cautiously peeled and dried to prevent molding.

2. 蔓の加工 Processing Vine


The concept of a work defines the way skin is processed into threads. Skin of grape vine has, unlike bamboos, curved fibers and it needs special treatment for weaving.

3. バッグの編み込み Weaving into Handbag


Weaving is the most exciting moment. The crafter is not interested in naive folk pieces of natural taste only. Thread by thread weaves the crafter pouring her heart into every fine point and the concept as well as northern traditions gradually reveals its shape. Resulting handbag has a natural taste suitable for formal occasions and a practical use with poshness and artistry bearing world's unique ownership.

4. 山ぶどう素材の特徴
Characteristics of Wild Grape Vine Material


・Lusters on aging
・Least freckling on rain, unlike leather material
(Backing fabric may decay but it's replaceable)
・Color is suitable for all seasons

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