Our Crafters

Here are crafters of Yagisawa Bamboo Crafts.

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作家名 Crafter Name
資格 Qualification
八木澤 啓造 Keizō Yagisawa
故人 Deceased
登丸 久 Hisa Tomaru
日本工芸会準会員 Associate Member of Japan Kōgei Association
八木澤 正 Tadashi Yagisawa
栃木県伝統工芸士、栃木県芸術祭美術展審査員、大田原竹芸研究会会長 Certified Crafter of Tochigi Prefecture Traditional Crafts, Judge in the fine art exhibition of the Tochigi Prefectural Art Festival, Chairman of the Ōtawara Bamboo Craft Study Club