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Our Crafters

Click/tap the name to see the details of the crafter.

お名前 Name
資格 Qualification
八木澤 正 Tadashi Yagisawa
栃木県伝統工芸士、栃木県芸術祭美術展審査員、大田原竹芸研究会会長 Certified Crafter of Tochigi Prefecture Traditional Crafts, Judge in the fine art exhibition of the Tochigi Prefectural Art Festival, Chairman of the Ōtawara Bamboo Craft Study Club
登丸 久 Hisa Tomaru
日本工芸会準会員 Associate Member of Japan Kōgei Association
八木澤 啓造 Keizō Yagisawa
故人 Deceased
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